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[Speed ​​Shipping] Niccyoro Cutlery Trio & Kids Oval 1 Tier Bento Box Set

[Speed ​​Shipping] Niccyoro Cutlery Trio & Kids Oval 1 Tier Bento Box Set

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[Nikkyoro] Kids oval 1-tier lunch box

- A new type of bento box with a design on the inside. By adding a design to the inside of the bento box, two different designs will appear before and after you eat your lunch.
The lid is transparent so you can enjoy the design inside.

・Hand-finished by lacquer craftsmen This product is made in an area of ​​Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The area has long been famous for producing traditional crafts such as lacquerware.
For this reason, the traditional technique of "lacquering" has been passed down from generation to generation by craftsmen. This product is carefully finished one by one by craftsmen with excellent skills.
Therefore, you can feel the difference from regular bento boxes.

・Designed to be easy for children to use.It is designed to be securely fastened with side locks so that it is easy for children to use. This eliminates the need for a lunch belt.
You will hear a click when you fasten it, so you can easily check that it is securely fastened.

・All microwave and dishwasher safe products are produced in Japan with a focus on quality. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, making it even more practical.
If you want to warm up your lunch, feel free to use the microwave.

- Comes with a set of dividers that allow you to easily adjust the amount. Therefore, you can neatly separate rice and side dishes. Of course, the partition can also be removed.

・BPA free
BPA is called bisphenol A and is a stabilizer for plastics. Its use is regulated in Europe and America, and many people are sensitive to it.
This product does not use any BPA. Therefore, it can be used more safely.

Model number PD-1006
size Height 5cm x length 13.5cm x width 11.5cm
capacity Approximately 400ml
weight Approximately 155g
material Body: PETABS
Lid: AS resin Partition: Polypropylene Clasp: ABS resin
Country of origin Japan
microwave oven OK without lid (up to 140℃)
Dishwasher OK without lid (up to 110℃)
Attention ・During the product manufacturing process, the side of the lid may appear to be scratched. This is a burr that occurs during the manufacturing process and is not a product defect.
・There may be faint lines visible on the lid, but this occurs during the manufacturing process and does not pose a problem for use.

[Nikkyoro] Kids cutlery trio set

- Comes with a portable case Comes with a special case for carrying the cutlery trio. With this, you can easily carry it along with your lunch box! A smiling Nikkyoro is printed on the case.

・Easy-to-use cutlery trio for kids The set includes a fork and spoon that are safe for kids who are not used to using chopsticks yet. It's easy to change the cutlery you use depending on the content of your meal.

-Lightweight case and cutlery Both the case and cutlery are lightweight and easy to hold even for kids. Furthermore, it is dishwasher safe and made in Japan!

・Please choose the color cutlery set by the color of the case. RD has a yellow inside, YE has a red inside.

merchandise Niccyoro Kids Cutlery Trio
Model number PN-2525
size Case: 8.5cm x 18.2cm x 1.8cm
Chopsticks: H16.5cm
Fork & Spoon: H13cm
material Body: ABS resin Lid: AS resin Inner plate: Polypropylene Chopsticks, spoon, fork: AS resin
Country of origin Japan
Dishwasher Compatible (up to 100℃)
Shipping method Mail service available

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